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Chao vs Beel

Beel may be a baby, but he’s been fortunate to have had some power ups over the years. Granted, he’s supposed to be tough even in baby form, but we never saw a whole lot of proof for that. Chao has his big robot, which is always impressive as it can even fire a giant laser. Chaos can evolve into Light and Dark forms, which are immortal, but he needs more offensive capabilities if he is going to make this a close fight. Beel wins.

Battles, Beel Battles, Oga Tatsumi Battles

Beel vs Oga Tatsumi

Beel is certainly one of the toughest babies I’ve ever seen. He has lightning abilities and has only just begun to tap into his true power. That being said, with no sequel series at the ready just yet, Beel may already be at his peak. Oga just needs a single good punch to take him down for the count. By the end of the series, Oga was virtually unbeatable and his physical abilities are simply on a different level. Oga Tatsumi wins.