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Kuneida vs Koma

Kuneida is back to quickly take Koma down another peg. Koma had a pretty big reputation, but he still couldn’t manage to actually be a good character. He lacks talent and heart as well as all of the other redeemable qualities that you typically want to find in a character. Kuneida should have no problem dealing with Koma thanks to her sword skills and sign power up. Kuneida wins.

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Kuneida vs Oga Tatsumi

Kuneida had a good run, but she won’t be able to take Oga down. Oga is one of the strongest hand to hand fighters around and he proved this by defeating all of the tough opponents at the school. Kuneida is a good swordfighter, but it won’t matter if she can’t land any hits. Oga Tatsumi is just too quick to let something like that happen to him. Oga Tatsumi wins.

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Kuneida vs James Bond

Kuneida is back and now she’s up against James Bond. Mr. Bond has now reached 99 battles on the blog so you can be sure that his 100th fight will not be very far behind. Kuneida can easily speedblitz James Bond from all angles and a single sword strike will take down the agent. Moreover, Kuneida just needs to land a punch since she can strike through rock by focusing her power. Kuneida wins.

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Kuneida vs One Above All

The One Above All may seem to be pretty powerful from afar, but he’s not much of a threat to Kuneida. Kuneida makes her debut in this match and she’s one of the better characters from the Beelzebub series. She never backs down from a fight and she became one of the strongest fighters at the school. Her supersonic attacks will quickly leave the One Above All speechless as he fades away into oblivion. Kuneida wins.