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Tojo Hidetora vs Oga Tatsumi

Tojo Hidetora won his first two matches, but it’s time for his streak to end. He definitely won’t stand a chance against an opponent as powerful as Oga. Oga is not only faster than Tojo, but he’s also a lot more powerful. A single punch from Oga could take Tojo down if the hero was not holding back. Tojo is strong in his own right, but he’s no on the same level. Oga Tatsumi wins.

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Tojo Hidetora vs One Above All

Tojo Hidetora is back and it’s safe to say that these two characters are pretty similar. Tojo is used to make others look tough while the One Above All is used to make them look weak. In theory this should be a blowout, but I’m actually on team Tojo here. All he needs is a quick punch and some good speed dashes on his side for him to claim victory. Tojo Hidetora wins.

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Tojo Hidetora vs James Bond

James Bond has reached his 100th match on the blog! This is a pretty good feat and it shows that he still has a pretty strong following on the blog. Most of his matches may be losses, but it’s the thought that counts. It is safe to say that he won’t be fighting quite as often on the blog anymore, but he had a good run. We won’t be forgetting this agent…meanwhile, Tojo wins this round with a single punch. Tojo Hidetora wins.