Levy McGarden vs Sasuke

Levy is strong, but she’s not quite ready to take on Sasuke. Sasuke was already OP back when he was a kid and his abilities have grown even more fierce since then. Sasuke can unleash his intense fire jutsu to keep Levy off balance and then finish things off in hand to hand combat. The difference in their abilities is far too vast and so this will be a pretty quick win for Sasuke. He won’t even need to go into Rinnengan mode to win this. Sasuke wins.

Levy McGarden vs Jafar

Suggested by iKnowledge Jafar has a super form up his sleeve and a lot of magical power in general, but it won’t be enough to stop Levy. She can use her word abilities to create many kinds of attacks ranging from the elements to shields to even swords. Jafar isn’t really ready to take on such a versatile fighter. She will be able to dodge all of his attacks with ease and will keep on landing hits until even his genie form won’t be able to keep up. Levy McGarden wins.