Sasuke vs Esdeath

Suggested by Friday Esdeath has very powerful ice abilities and can really make things difficult for Sasuke here. That being said, he has the Sharingan and speed that can match hers. His ultimate defenses can block her strongest attacks and while her reaction times can buy her some time in the match, it will not be nearly enough to actually turn the tides of battle. Sasuke wins.

24 thoughts on “Sasuke vs Esdeath

  1. Esdeath destroys sasuke her stoping the ice storm caps at Multi-Continent useing power scaling and it’s stated in the databooks she can destroy the earth she can also stop time yes she can only do that for 1 time but she has dng
    so sasuke durability doesn’t change anything even tho he has bad durability she stop time attack him dng and boom she wins

    • Multi-Continent level is tough but remember that the 1st Hokage and Madara were changing the very landscape with their battle. Sasuke surpasses those guys and would be able to perform similar acts of hype. His speed is also crazy and he has teleportation so I don’t see her winning here

      • madara 5kage is not multi_continent he feat is contry but juubidara is continent because of his ct feat and yes adult sasuke well be stronger than him but he still not strong enough the only planet busters in naruto are naruto kaguya momoshiki jigen code and Isshiki also esdeath has higher durability so she can take hits from him and all she need is stop time even if he is faster she still can take hits and after she stop time sasuke is done

      • Sasuke may not be a planet buster but neither is Esdeath. I wouldn’t say her durability is greater than Sasuke’s Susanoo. She ultimately took a lot of damage against Akame straight up and Sasuke could top that. Throw in his Sharingan and she will have a hard time defending herself

  2. let’s see
    Physical strength: esdeath can keep up with akame
    speed: sasuke can fight naruto
    Durability: esdeath can tank and stop the ice storm
    iq: esdeath
    battle iq: sasuke
    skills: esdeath can keep up with akame sword skills
    haxs: esdeath time stop
    abilities: sasuke amaterasu chdori…
    Experience: esdeath
    overall 6-3 esdeath is the winner

    • Sasuke’s wins are more important though. Take away Experience and IQ since they won’t be helping much here. Then I would also give Sasuke skills and you have him winning in more categories

      • even if we take out the experience and iq even thought they are important too things it’s well still be 4-3 i don’t see why sasuke well take skills his sword skills are nothing to esdeath and he still has nothing to counter the time stop she just stop time and kill him sasuke just can’t get the win here and why whould you take out experience and iq esdeath also has durability neg

      • Sasuke just wins in the areas where it counts. Put it this way, Sasuke is the ultimate warrior. A being of immense power and Esdeath’s ice can’t cut through his defenses. His chidori would destroy her if it lands and he will find a way to land a good blow. It’s why Sasuke would ultimately fall behind here

      • her ice storm can destroy the susanoo and still you didn’t proof how well sasuke counter the time stop she just stop time and kill him

      • The ice storm isn’t stopping Susanoo. That thing even took on Tailed Beast Bombs. The ice could definitely slow him down but that’s not enough. As for the timestop, it’s effectively like a time slow but Sasuke can teleport them around real quick as soon as that happens which is a hard counter to the time control

  3. The ice storm can destroy continents, tailed beasts booms can only destroy mountains we saw what they can do sasukes susanoo is not tanking the ice storm and no she doesn’t slow time she stop time you can look up also it’s stated esdeath can destroy the earth in the databooks sasuke is just outclased in this battle i hate when people downplay esdeath and sasuke still has nothing to counter esdeath durability negation and no susanoo can’t counter durability negation

    • Yeah but it takes time for her to do the ice storm like that. You’ve only got moments against someone like Sasuke. Time Stop really works by slowing time though since we see characters like Goku be able to move around it. That’s why I treat it more like a time slow and Sasuke could teleport away.

      How about his Amatarasu? That could counter her durability really quick

      • But Goku isn’t a part of the Naruto or Akame Ga Kill universe, so that point is moot? Goku has entirely different powers in an entirely different universe. You can’t just treat his abilities as if they’re applicable to Sasuke. That doesn’t just suddenly make a Time Stop a Time Slow, Dreager. I don’t know enough about either character to judge the victor here so Sasuke could very well be able to win here, but that point is utterly moronic regardless of who wins here.

      • I’d say it is best to think of it like time stop always follows the same rules. It appears to be a complete time stop because some verses don’t have characters enough to break out of them but all time stops are actually time slows

      • Great points but dragon ball time stop and esdeath time stop are not the same in dragon ball you can move in time stop if you are stronger than you’re enemy but esdeath time work on you even if you are stronger than her and the amaterasu is great counter to esdeath high durability but the amaterasu is just too slow it’s stated by black zetsu to move at the speed of sound and esdeath is wey faster than that her speed can reng from lightening speed to even faster than light in some times and he still has nothing to counter esdeath durability negation and about the ice storm we are talking about them with there full power so esdeath well have her ice storm other then that sasuke doesn’t have anything to win esdeath is just too strong for sasuke also about the statement in the databooks sey esdeath can destroy the planet sasuke doesn’t have any statement like that

      • Time Stops are all time slows in the end, it’s just that some verses can’t really capitalize on it since they don’t have fighters who are strong enough to pull this off.

        That said, Sasuke was keeping up with Naruto during the final battles so he should definitely be fast enough here. His amaterasu could work if he puts this into his sword and then strikes at Esdeath with his teleportation speed. She wouldn’t be able to react in time

  4. The problem is you have to proof sasuke is fast enough to ues his teleportation because sasuke to use the abilitie to telport and i don’t see him getting out of esdeath time stop because super fast characters couldn’t do anything in her time stop sorry i just don’t see anywey sasuke can win here

    • Time Stop is always time slow though. Just like how reality warping can’t just blink you out of existence. So Sasuke would still have time to teleport and then that would be it for Esdeath. She doesn’t have the pure speed needed to counter Sasuke’s attacks for long and will have a hard time trying to break through his Susanoo

  5. Esdeath wins sasuke has no counter to her abilities and he is wey weaker then her
    Her ice storm can destroy continents and she dodged light speed attack like it’s nothing naruto needed his strongest form to dodge light speed attack she is smarter than sasuke she also has more experience then him she has better battle iq
    Esdeath stomps

    • Sasuke is too fast and too strong. He would just have to activate the Sharingan and as strong as she is that would be game over. She has no true way to counter Sasuke’s abilities for very long. It’s why the guy is so broken in combat.

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