Tenel Ka Djo vs Sasuke

Tenel is a pretty tough fighter. Force abilities shouldn’t be underestimated and even just having a lightsaber is something to be feared. Still, Sasuke can zip around with his Sharingan and lightning speed so he will be able to keep his distance and still claim the advantage. This just isn’t a fight where Tenel can really hope to make much of a difference. Sasuke’s abilities are just in a world of their own. Sasuke wins.

Tenel Ka Djo vs Lady Shiva

Suggested by iKnowledge Lady Shiva is known as one of the most skilled close combat fighters out there. It’s incredibly difficult to take her down for the count. In a fight without weapons I believe she would win this one. However, none of her weapons are as good as a lightsaber and that is enough to close the gap in their skills. Tenel can just cut through everything and Shiva will have to be extremely careful not to be blocked or she’ll be dealt a fatal wound. She can’t win like that. Tenel Ka Djo wins.