Yennefer vs Sasuke

Yennefer has powerful spells, but those won’t be able to do enough damage or activate quick enough to take down Sasuke. Sasuke has access to the sharingan which makes him incredibly difficult to hit. He has grown sharper and sharper as his sharingan has evolved and Sasuke is incredibly tough to defeat one on one. One glance is enough for him to possibly end this fight. Sasuke wins.

Yennefer vs Morrigan (Dragon Age)

Suggested by iKnowledge Yennefer and Morrigan both have their fair share of tricks. Morrigan can use her mental blasts to attack Yennefer and such attacks are hard to block because they aren’t physical. On the other hand Yennefer is an incredibly powerful sorceress who can erect barriers and fire off all kinds of crazy energy blasts. Her offensive abilities are off the charts and Morrigan hasn’t shown that she would be able to guard or dodge this level of an onslaught. I believe she would quickly begin to falter under such pressure and ultimately the difference in firepower is what will decide the match. Yennefer wins.