Fiona Belli vs Sasori

Suggested by iKnowledge Sasori is a powerful ninja. He had to be in order to join the Akatsuki after all. He has a lot of good attack strategies from close to long range. That said, Fiona isn’t really much of a fighter so either way he can steal the win. She is great at surviving and can possibly dodge him for a little while but there isn’t really a route to victory for her. Sasori wins.

Zabuza vs Sasori

Suggested by Sonic Zabuza has had some pretty good fights over the years but he won’t be able to keep up with Sasori. Sasori’s most powerful puppets are certainly on the level of a Jounin warrior and he has many that he can use at once. As powerful as Zabuza is, he would still get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers here and would also be unable to dodge Sasori’s poison attacks. Sasori wins.

Kankuro vs Sasori

Sasori and Kankuro had a pretty accurate fight back towards the beginning of Naruto Shippuden. Kankuro did get some more skills after that, but I didn’t really buy into his second victory. Sasori no longer had the will to fight and he was not as strong as he used to be. In a no holds barred battle, Sasori’s superior puppet techniques would be enough for him to claim victory. Kankuro wouldn’t be able to dodge the dozens of black spikes. Sasori wins.

Chiyo vs Sasori

Sasori has enough puppets to take down a whole nation! That’s a lot of puppets, of course Chiyo also has some puppets. Her puppets seemed a bit better than Sasori’s, but Sasori’s top 3 puppets can take on pretty much any puppet. These two puppet masters are definitely strong, but I’d say Sasori has this. Sasori wins.

Sasori vs Deidara

In the anime and manga they kept hinting that Sasori is stronger than Deidara. Deidara even says it himself. Since I don’t think he was lieing I think he underestimated himself and overestimated Sasori. Deidara could definately beat Sasori. All he needs is some tough C3 clay and Sasori is lost. I do think it would be a very long hard fought battle. If it’s outside in a very big plain than it would be a lot easier. Deidara wins.