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Kakashi vs Jiraiya

This is definitely a challenging match because you can make a solid case for both characters. Jiraiya had the imperfect Sage Mode, which did increase his raw power, but I can’t say that it did wonders for his speed. Kakashi definitely keeps the edge in that category. Kakashi has more jutsu in his array and that’s what will be the deciding factor. Jiraiya’s Rasengan would be deadly, but I believe that Kakashi would be able to dodge it and land the Lightning blade, which would end the fight. Kakashi wins.

3 thoughts on “Kakashi vs Jiraiya”

    1. He definitely was faster than Sasuke for a while and he’s a great fighter. His fight with Pain is still one of the best battles in the series. I definitely believe that he could take on any of the Legendary Sannin fighters and give them a run for their money.

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