Level 4 Akuma vs Obito

Suggested by Sonic The Level 4 Akuma is one of the strongest D Grayman characters in the series. This guy has a monstrous amount of attack power and speed at his disposal but it won’t be enough to stop Obito. Obito’s base form? Perhaps, Akuma should have the edge there but when you consider the tailed form and how much Obito has improved, this match will end up being over very quickly. The Akuma just would not be able to win. Obito wins.

Level 4 Akuma vs Lazerman

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen good ole Lazerman on the blog, but unfortunately this isn’t a social visit. He’s up against one of the meanest fighters to ever land on the galaxy and I’m afraid that Lazerman is simply out of his depth here. He can attempt to use one of his famous Disruption blasts, but his speed is not enough for him to keep up with this fighter. The Akuma has the edge in both speed and power. Level 4 Akuma wins.

Level 3 Akuma vs Level 4 Akuma

The final battle of the arc. Both of these guys are intense fighters and could fight for a while. While Level 3 Akuma’s definitely impressive Level 4 is just tougher. They are both masters at hand to hand and have both had a good run. Level 4 Akuma wins.

Level 2 Akuma vs Level 4 Akuma

Level 4 Akuma is back and gets himself another win. This arc is almost over and that’s too bad for Level 2. His part of the arc is now over. Level 4 Akuma rises even more and in the final battle may be his greatest challenge. Level 4 Akuma wins.

Level 0 Akuma vs Level 4 Akuma

This is Level 0’s final fight. Of course he loses because Level 4 Akuma has too much power for Level 0. Level 0 goes down with 0 wins. If only he had fought just a couple more matches. Then maybe he would have won in the end. Level 4 Akuma wins.

Grand Fisher vs Level 4 Akuma

The Grand Fisher was a pretty strong hollow as of the first 5 volumes of Bleach. After that he no longer cracked the top 50 strongest beings list in that world. And that’s after he got two super forms. The Level Four Akuma is currently the strongest type of Akuma. Even stronger than the Noah. I doubt it will stay this way forever but as of now he’s pretty strong. Level Four Akuma wins.