Ruby Rose vs Level 1 Akuma

It’s time for Ruby to take the stage. As a professional monster hunter she has taken down her fair share. While Akuma are generally more impressive than Grimm that won’t be enough to stop her. Ruby’s scythe is also a high impact sniper rifle. She can blast it from afar or end the affair in an instant in close quarters combat. Ruby wins.

Level 1 Akuma vs Level 3 Akuma

Level 3 Akuma is back and when he fights you know someone’s going to lose. His skills are just way too advanced for Level 1 to take him down. Level 1 Akuma is just a level 1 and doesn’t have enough hand to hand skills to win. Level 3 Akuma wins.

Level 1 Akuma vs Level 2 Akuma

Now it’s Level 1 Akuma’s turn to shine. Of course he can’t take on Level 2 Akuma. Level 2 Akuma is just too advanced for him. Level 2 Akuma is finally a bit more like a humanoid villain and that makes all the differance. Level 2 Akuma wins.

Level 0 Akuma vs Level 1 Akuma

Level 0 Akuma can’t really fight. It’s too bad because if he could fight even a little than Level 1 Akuma wouldn’t stand much of a chance. As it is Level 1 gets himself a win and rises up in the ranks for now. Level 1 Akuma wins.