Level 3 Akuma vs Black Star

Suggested by Sonic The Level 3 Akuma gave Lenalee a really good fight back in the day. He’s got speed, strength, and good close quarter combat skills. That’s a solid combination for any fighter. That said, the same can be said for Black Star and the real difference between them in this fight is the level of speed. Black Star can easily run rings around the Akuma and his attacks will deal massive damage. I don’t see the Level 3 being able to keep up for very long and his durability won’t last. Black Star wins.

Level 3 Akuma vs Superman

Superman is pretty powerful, but I believe that he’s out of his league in this round. Level 3 Akuma can fight at extremely high speeds and his energy attacks will prove to be too much for Superman. Superman may be the Man of Steel, but he still won’t have what it takes to win this round. Superman won’t be able to match Level 3 Akuma blow for blow. Level 3 Akuma wins.

Level 3 Akuma vs James Bond

James Bond has his gun at the ready, but it won’t be enough this time. The Level 3 Akuma has fought much stronger opponents in the past and one shot will be enough to end James Bond in an instant. James has never fought someone like the Level 3 before! Level 3 Akuma wins.

Level 3 Akuma vs Alien

aliendrone (1)
This is a tribute to Aliens! The Aliens are definitely skilled, but they’re only slightly stronger than average humans. The Level 3 Akuma is immensely powerful and his abilities are in a league of their own. We can expect another solid battle for the Level 3 coming up, but for now let’s just enjoy this impressive win. The Alien drops down the ranks with this loss. Level 3 Akuma wins.

Destoroyah vs Level 3 Akuma

Level 3 Akuma has speed and power on his side. Destoroyah has his super strength and flight, but in the end he lacks the speed needed to win. Level 3 Akuma can take down nearly any monster and proves it all the time. Level 3 Akuma rises up the ranks while Destoroyah takes a heavy loss. Level 3 Akuma wins.

Mecha Godzilla 2 vs Level 3 Akuma

Level 3 Akuma is pretty strong and fast. It’s extremely hard too take him down. Mecha Godzilla 2 is a strong robot, but not even he has the power to defeat this Akuma. Level 3 Akuma is just far too powerful. With this win he rises up the blog ranks and shows the world who’s boss. Level 3 Akuma wins.

Level 3 Akuma vs Level 4 Akuma

The final battle of the arc. Both of these guys are intense fighters and could fight for a while. While Level 3 Akuma’s definitely impressive Level 4 is just tougher. They are both masters at hand to hand and have both had a good run. Level 4 Akuma wins.

Level 1 Akuma vs Level 3 Akuma

Level 3 Akuma is back and when he fights you know someone’s going to lose. His skills are just way too advanced for Level 1 to take him down. Level 1 Akuma is just a level 1 and doesn’t have enough hand to hand skills to win. Level 3 Akuma wins.

Level 0 Akuma vs Level 3 Akuma

Level 0 Akuma is back and this time he hasn’t even got a chance. Level 3 Akuma is just too powerful and he can take down many other fighters. His power is definitely considerable for his franchise and easily gets his win. Level 3 Akuma wins.