Level 3 Akuma vs Black Star

Suggested by Sonic The Level 3 Akuma gave Lenalee a really good fight back in the day. He’s got speed, strength, and good close quarter combat skills. That’s a solid combination for any fighter. That said, the same can be said for Black Star and the real difference between them in this fight is the level of speed. Black Star can easily run rings around the Akuma and his attacks will deal massive damage. I don’t see the Level 3 being able to keep up for very long and his durability won’t last. Black Star wins.

Tammy vs Black Star

Black Star is the real hero of this adventure and he’s destined to win the battle. Tammy would not be able to keep up with Black Star’s great levels of speed and she’s also not an experienced fighter. This match is definitely a blowout and Tammy’s odds of winning are about as small as cookie once it’s crumbled. Black Star wins.

Black Star vs Mifune

Mifune makes his debut on the blog and he’s a pretty solid character. I will admit that I think he’s not quite as powerful as he appears, but he’s very likable. His goals are sound and you can sympathize with his plight. (Although Mifune could definitely make better decisions) I would say that Black Star is the better fighter as he has many more abilities and his speed outranks Mifune’s. In pure swordplay, Mifune may have the edge, but it’s just not enough compared to Black Star’s overwhelming power. Black Star wins.

Black Star vs Genuine

Black Star is back and now he’s up against Genuine! Genuine may be pretty good at controlling others, but Black Star is too much of a hero to be swayed from his ideals. His ninja abilities are out of this world and his speed will allow him to speedblitz Genuine with many hits until she goes down. They aren’t in the same league. Black Star wins.

Bass Armstrong vs Black Star

black star
Bass Armstrong returns to the blog, but he is up against Black Star. Black Star is a much bigger star than most other protagonists and he always makes sure to completely defeat his opponents without remorse. They simply aren’t strong enough to defeat an opponent of his caliber and this match is no exception. Black Star wins.

Vijaya vs Black Star

Vijaya doesn’t really stand a chance in this battle when you really think about it. Black Star is much faster than him and one blow from his sword will be enough to end the round in an instant. None of Vijaya’s tricks will be able to stop Black Star. This ninja is just too fast and far too skilled to lose. Black Star wins.

Black Star vs Indiana Jones

Black Star is back for another bout. He is definitely one of the coolest ninja around and it is always cool to see him get a piece of the action since he will be taking the win. I don’t really have anything to say about Indiana Jones this time since he is doomed. What can a whip and a gun to against such a powerful ninja? Black Star wins.

Black Star vs James Bond

black star
Sean Connery as James Bond
Black Star continues to get cooler and cooler as I continue my run through Soul Eater. He’s much better than James Bond in every area and a single shot from his sword would end things. Black Star doesn’t even need a weapon as he’s vastly superior to Bond when it comes to pure hand to hand combat. Black Star wins.

Black Star vs Fujibayashi Saizou

Fujibayashi Saizou is a pretty skilled assassin and he was even able to take on Gamaran! His speed is impressive and the senbon that he throws can be a real problem. I believe that Black Star’s pure speed will allow him to dodge long enough for the Uncanny Sword to take Fujibayashi Saizou down for the count. Black Star wins.

Black Star vs Bass

Black Star is a pretty tough assassin, but he wont be able to defeat Bass. Bass has his Earthbreaker attack, which is pretty self explanatory. Black Star wont be getting up from that. It was just his time to take a loss. Bass also has his Hubstyle form, which will end this even quicker. Black Star never stood a chance in this round. Bass wins.