Sage of Six Paths vs Obito

The Sage of Six Paths is back once again, but it’s safe to say that he’s a little out of his league here. Obito was able to awaken the sharingan when he was a lad and his speed is at a pretty decent level. The Sage of Six Paths may be an all powerful being, but that’s never been enough to withstand a kunai strike. Obito’s got this in the bag! Obito wins.

Sage of Six Paths vs Madara

The Sage of Six Paths is a pretty tough guy to be sure, but Madara definitely takes this round. His skills as a shinobi are very impressive and he is effective in all forms of combat. One would expect no less from an Uchiha and he will overwhelm the Sage of Six Paths in hand to hand combat. Madara wins.

Sage of Six Paths vs Kaguya

The Sage of Six Paths is a formidable opponent, but he definitely won’t be able to stop Kaguya. Kaguya can use her dimensional abilities to cause the Sage of Six Paths to fall into a vat of lava. There really isn’t all that much he can do to stop her since Kaguya is also faster and stronger than him. The Sage will have to take the loss. Kaguya wins.

Sage of Six Paths vs Goku

The Sage of Six Paths is back, but he doesn’t even have a slim chance of defeating Goku. Goku has the powers of a super saiyan and I’m confident that one Kamehameha would be able to end the match. The Sage of Six Paths just isn’t skilled enough to match up against Goku and he lacks the feats needed to be able to deal any damage to the Saiyan. Goku wins.

Sage of Six Paths vs Bass

Sage of Six Paths is pretty powerful, but could he even hope to defeat Bass!? Bass has his darkness overload and with it, he can show the world his awesome power! Bass gets yet another win and shows the world why he’s the strongest being in all of media. Bass wins.

Sage of Six Paths vs Gemini Saga

The Sage of Six Paths makes his debut into the blog! Still, I don’t think that he’ll be able to take on someone like Gemini Saga! Gemini Saga is far too powerful. His speed and power are leagues ahead of what many can even dream of! Gemini Saga rises up the blog ranks with this round. Gemini Saga wins.