Ms Marvel vs Thor

Suggested by Jean This was definitely a pretty close fight. On one hand, Thor likely has the edge in raw power here and maybe even stamina although Marvel’s Binary form can take quite a few hits. On the other hand, while Thor has super speed, it isn’t quite on the level of Ms Marvel. Ultimately that’s what I think the deciding factor will be here. Ms Marvel can play it safe and just overwhelm in the fight using her speed. Thor will be able to take a lot of punishment and keep the fight close but would eventually falter. Ms Marvel wins.

4 thoughts on “Ms Marvel vs Thor

    • That’s fair, Thor is incredibly powerful to be sure. I think Ms Marvel’s speed should be able to compensate though and they’ve had a super close fight in the past.

  1. I agree with jhg195 – Thor should win in a good contested match. There is a scene from EMH where Thor moves incredibly fast – I seem to remember Iron Man saying, “Thor has never moved that fast”. Of course, Thor is known to move incredibly fast. There was a scene or two in EMH where Thor saved the day against the Skrulls I believe when Ms. Marvel and the other Avengers were being overwhelmed. Thanks for doing the battle request 🙂

    • Thor’s definitely got some great speed feats there for sure. He’s a really fast Avenger although I would say Ms Marvel still seems faster. In terms of strength though he certainly can’t be beat

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