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Captain Qwark vs Ratchet

Captain Qwark and Ratchet have fought and allied themselves through many a dark time. They’ve been allies, Rivals, Enemies, but through all of it…Captain Qwark has tried to take Ratchet down. Thing is, Ratchet’s a bit too powerful for Captain Qwark. He has his armors and his many guns. Captain Qwark is tough, but his hand to hand skills aren’t quite as good, and Ratchet’s armor could probably block some of his laser blasts. Plus, Ratchet’s a lot quicker than Captain Qwark. Ratchet wins.

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Jak vs Ratchet

The arc is over with this fight. Ratchet and Jak are about equal in terms of hand to hand skills. Ratchet has more guns, but Jak has mastered the powers of light and dark. Because of that he has the edge over Ratchet. Ratchet loses this match, but he’ll be back someday. Jak wins.