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Sam B vs Howard Aguello


Suggested by Destroyer Looks like it’s time for Howard Aguello to step into the ring. He’s basically just your average guy with a gun so there really isn’t anything that he can hope to do against Sam. Sam B is just like Howard only he has super strength to amp himself up. This means he’ll be quicker on the trigger and he would absolutely wreck Howard if it came down to a fight. There’s no area where Howard surpasses Sam. Sam B wins.

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Sam B vs Wii Fit Trainer

Suggested by Destroyer The Wii Fit Trainer is a pretty solid yoga instructor. Not only does she know the proper moves, but she can also fight. Sam B likely has the edge in strength thanks to his rage mode, but the Trainer can counter with her energy clones. Sam B won’t have any kind of defense to this crazy move and the explosions will take him out in no time. His durability isn’t bad, but it simply isn’t good enough. Wii Fit Trainer wins.

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Sam B vs Bly

Sam B has his guns and close range weapons, but they won’t be enough to take down Bly. Bly is far faster than Sam B could ever hope to be and he’s also much stronger. One good slice is all that Bly would need to take a quick win in this match. Sam B just wouldn’t be able to keep up with him in the long run. Bly wins.

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Logan Carter vs Sam B

Logan Carter and Sam B are both individuals whose lives were drastically changed when they encountered the zombies. They’ve both adapted to the harsh environments, but Sam B has the edge in this round. Sam B is better in a close combat fight thanks to his strength and while they both have handguns, I think Sam B would land the winning shot. Sam B wins.