Lazerman vs Starfire

Suggested by Destroyer The mighty Lazerman has returned! So here’s where I’m at. Starfire has a good amount of speed and destructive force but in combat Lazerman is faster still. He can quickly counter with one of his powerful energy blasts and that would be the end of the match. Starfire won’t be able to keep up in a battle of firepower. Lazerman wins.

Ulquiorra vs Starfire

Both of these fighters have massive amounts of speed and strength. They can shatter planets and most fighters simply couldn’t hold a candle to them. That being said, Ulquiorra will be the one to win this round. His abilities are similar to Starfire’s, but they are all amped up to the next level. She just wouldn’t be able to keep up with him. Ulquiorra wins.

Starfire vs Raven

Raven and Starfire are the two heavy hitters from the Teen Titans (TV) series. They’ve both gotten a couple of wins lately, but only one can keep up the momentum. Raven can do a lot of things with her spells, and they should protect her for a while. Of course, Starfire’s raw strength will prove to be too much in the end. Starfire wins.

Starfire vs Silky

Silky is a bit of a major player in the Teen Titans show, but I’ve never been a fan. Starfire and Silky are pals, but if it came down to a fight, Silky wouldn’t stand a chance. Starfire has super speed and strength. Those two abilities will be more than enough to take Silky down in an instant. Starfire wins.

Kitten vs Starfire

Kitten is not much of a fighter and she wouldn’t be able to defeat Starfire. She may have put up a decent fight, but that was partially because it started out as a sneak attack. Starfire’s speed will allow her to dodge any attack that Kitten may attempt and counter with a match ending strike. Kitten wouldn’t be able to endure any attack that Starfire sends out. Starfire wins.

Red X vs Starfire

Red X is a very mysterious character and was one of the trickier fighters that the Titans faced. He’s about peak human in his stats and manages to give Robin a pretty good fight. Starfire has a high degree of super strength and speed so Red X won’t be a match for her. She takes another win and rises up the blog ranks. Starfire wins.

Cinderblock vs Starfire

Cinderblock is pretty powerful and he has been a very tough opponent for all 5 titans at once. Starfire’s power should be able to keep up with him and the fact that she can fly and possesses a degree of super speed are some pretty serious advantages. Cinderblock won’t be able to defeat her in this round. Starfire wins.

Beast Boy vs Starfire

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Beast Boy is back after a long absence, but he’s ready for another loss. He won’t be able to keep up with Starfire’s intense speed and raw power. Beast Boy has always been the weak link on the Teen Titans team and he definitely doesn’t stand a chance against their power member. He drops down the ranks with this loss. Starfire wins.

Starfire vs Thor

Thor is back and he’s been on a pretty big win streak. Sadly for him, it ends here! Thor is powerful, but I’d say that Starfire has the speed advantage in this round. Her energy blasts are also pretty dangerous. Thor will put up a good fight, but in the end I don’t think that it will be enough. Starfire wins.

Kyle Rayner vs Starfire

Well this is a tough one, Kyle Rayner had access too all 7 of the different Power Rings at one time! He also obtained the power of ION greatly increasing his abilities, let’s not forget Parallax either! Of course Starfire has super strength, can shoot energy blasts, flight, and super speed. So this is a close fight, but in the end Kyle Rayner wins.