Tyranitar vs Red X

Suggested by Sonic Red X has a lot of good combat skills and shouldn’t be taken lightly but Tyranitar is more than a match for him. A quick hyper beam ought to knock the fight out of him and it’ll be tough to breach Tyranitar’s defenses. Red X would have to land numerous blows to actually inflict serious damage and that’s not happening. Tyranitar wins.

Red X vs Thor

Thor is pretty strong and he just needs one good hit to take the win in this battle. Red X is quick, but he just can’t keep up with Thor. Thor exceeds him in both speed and power. Red X takes a hard loss in this round, but the important thing is that he put up a pretty solid fight. Thor wins.

Red X vs Greenman

Greenman made it into the N1 Grand Prix, so he’s probably a powerful combatant. Unfortunately, we’ll never know, since he was defeated so quickly. I don’t think that he could keep up with Red X’s speed for very long. Red X also has a number of useful gadgets at his disposal, which could defeat Greenman pretty quickly. Red X wins.

One Above All vs Red X

The One Above All may be a cosmic entity of immense power, but he won’t be able to defeat an opponent as powerful as Red X! Red X is pretty athletic and he’s a very quick fighter. The One Above All won’t even know what hit him. Red X takes a solid win in this round and shows that he’s still got it. Red X wins.

Red X vs Starfire

Red X is a very mysterious character and was one of the trickier fighters that the Titans faced. He’s about peak human in his stats and manages to give Robin a pretty good fight. Starfire has a high degree of super strength and speed so Red X won’t be a match for her. She takes another win and rises up the blog ranks. Starfire wins.