Tyranitar vs Red X

Suggested by Sonic Red X has a lot of good combat skills and shouldn’t be taken lightly but Tyranitar is more than a match for him. A quick hyper beam ought to knock the fight out of him and it’ll be tough to breach Tyranitar’s defenses. Red X would have to land numerous blows to actually inflict serious damage and that’s not happening. Tyranitar wins.

Garchomp vs Tyranitar

This is a pretty close battle of titanic Pokemon. Both of them rank up there as some of the strongest Pokemon in existence. Tyranitar is physically stronger than Garchomp, but he is not the quickest fighter in the batch. Tyranitar isn’t slow by any stretch of the imagination, but Garchomp was a true speedster. His claws could deal some serious damage to Tyranitar and his energy blasts could match up pretty well. I’d say that Garchomp would be able to claim victory. Garchomp wins.

Tyranitar vs Zilla

Tyranitar is a powerful Pokemon and he has caused a lot of destruction in the past. One good Hyper Beam attack would quickly take Zilla down for the count. Zilla may be big, but he lacks defensive abilities and he’s not quick enough to dodge Tyranitar’s destructive attacks. Zilla takes a loss with this round. Tyranitar wins.

Tyranitar vs Nemo

Tyranitar is back and now he’s up against good ole Nemo! Nemo can swim pretty quickly, but it still won’t be enough to take on a powerful opponent like Tyranitar. Tyranitar has his hyper beam which could take Nemo down in a single shot. Nemo just can’t endure attacks like that! Tyranitar wins.

Tyranitar vs Ash

Tyranitar is an extremely powerful pokemon! With one blast he can do some pretty massive damage! Of course Ash has many pokemon at his disposal. With all of their combined efforts they should be able to take Tyranitar down. Tyranitar will always be remembered as one of the stronger pokemon. Ash wins.