Garchomp vs Tyranitar

This is a pretty close battle of titanic Pokemon. Both of them rank up there as some of the strongest Pokemon in existence. Tyranitar is physically stronger than Garchomp, but he is not the quickest fighter in the batch. Tyranitar isn’t slow by any stretch of the imagination, but Garchomp was a true speedster. His claws could deal some serious damage to Tyranitar and his energy blasts could match up pretty well. I’d say that Garchomp would be able to claim victory. Garchomp wins.

4 thoughts on “Garchomp vs Tyranitar

  1. I agree. I’ve smashed Tyranitars in battle with my Garchomp before. How?

    Garchomps possess a monstrous speed stat of 102 at base while Tyranitar only has a measly 61 speed. While Tyranitar has 134 attack compared to Garchomp’s 130, Chomp can learn SWORDS dance which doubles its attack power. That plus the fact that it receives another a same type attack boost from using a ground type attack like earthquake, means that Tyranitar is effectively KO’d.

    Garchomp is way faster and is potentially stronger than Tyranitar. Even in their mega forms, garchomp is still faster and now has 170 attack, compared to Tyranitar’s 164. Honestly that thing is a monster in competitive battling if trained right.

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