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Starfire vs Thor

Thor is back and he’s been on a pretty big win streak. Sadly for him, it ends here! Thor is powerful, but I’d say that Starfire has the speed advantage in this round. Her energy blasts are also pretty dangerous. Thor will put up a good fight, but in the end I don’t think that it will be enough. Starfire wins.

25 thoughts on “Starfire vs Thor”

    1. That’s true, but I’d still give the speed edge to Starfire. She can casually reach pretty insane levels of speed and her power is comparable to Thor’s

  1. Here’s the problem with comics. You must be specific in which version of the character you choose as many different authors make their own version. For example, the modern superman of today at peak strength can destroy a large planet. But in other versions, he is seen able to destroy entire solar systems by sneezing, or severely injured from a normal middle. The picture of starfire is from the show Teen Titans, and she doesn’t have much feats there. Of coarse, there might be a comic where she has feats that rival Thor, but you can only choose one. It seems very innaccurate if a character who is capable of destroying a planet not able to defeat someone who very clearly is no where near that power.

    1. It’s composite, meaning that all of their feats are combined and you are able to grab their best moments. Of course, it also comes with the worst one, which makes things interesting. Starfire didn’t look very impressive in the show, although she had her moments. She’s definitely a powerful foe to be reckoned with. Thor is strong as well.

  2. Thor versus Star-fire . It would be close but Thor could take this. Thor could take this because he has his hammer which could bash her. Another reason is because even though they can both shoot energy, lightning is 5 times stronger than Star-fire’s star bolts which come from the sun and Thor can summon lightning whenever he can and can shock her to death.

    1. Right, but Starfire’s speed is pretty great, which helps her case. Thor would have a tough time trying to land the final blow on her. It’s definitely feasible for Thor to win of course as he is one of Marvel’s strongest fighters at this point.

      1. Lol. Thor’s HAMMER beat Silver Surfer in a race. I don’t think Starfire will be dodging anything.

      2. True, but his travel speed is much better than his combat speed. Good luck trying to evade Starfire in a close quarters brawl! Her ability of flight is just more potent.

      3. Thor would win in that fight because as that other kid said Thor is able to go faster than light speed and with the Odin force he can destroy entire galaxies and even though Star-fire
        can absorb the sunlight for regeneration if she absorbs way to
        much at one time she can explode as said in the comics and if Thor can go light speed and faster then star-fire won’t be able to dodge him at all. Both Thor and Star-fire have invulnerability to most types of damage. Thor could still take this. In the comics Thor and star-fire both clashed with Super man and Thor gave Super man a heck of a fight every time they battled and Super man only won by a little bit and when star-fire fought Super man he won with ease. That’s proof.

      1. Yeah, it can be hard to say that Starfire wins with a straight face after seeing Thor take on Superman, but I feel like Thor’s simply not fast enough in this round. His durability is really high so Starfire will need to keep up her assault for quite a while, but it’ll be very tough for Thor to get a good hit in. Maybe once in a very long while, but the ratio of hits may be 50-1 and Starfire would eventually be able to take him down for the count.

      1. Now that I am reacquainting myself with my childhood, the parallels between these two are more striking than I thought. And for that, I don’t want to see them fight! I wanna see them talk about sibling issues or something!

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