Pidgey vs Yoshi

Suggested by Sonic Yoshi is fairly quick on his feet which is why he is often listed as a speed character in the Mario games. That won’t be enough here though especially now that Pidgey has mega evolution on the table. With this technique at the ready Yoshi will be forced to play defense for most of the match. There just isn’t a whole lot that he can hope to do in order to claim the combat advantage and Pidgey can spam energy blasts at him from afar. Pidgey wins.

Pidgey vs Spearow

Suggested by Destroyer Pidgey is the fan favorite flying type Pokémon for many fans and he got to have a pretty large role in the anime. Bearing that in mind, Spearow is no pushover either. He is a pretty strong bird and his evolved form can hold his own. He just doesn’t have the same level of speed that Pidgey has and it’s gonna come back to bite him. Pidgey wins.

Ash vs Pidgey

Pidgey is definitely a respectable pokemon! His speed and flight are extremely potent, but in the end he can’t take down Ash. Ash has his Pikachu and Taillow. Both of those have a pretty good shot at taking down Pidgey. Pidgey is definitely outnumbered in this fight, but he’ll be back. Ash wins.

Professor Oak vs Pidgey

Pidgey makes his epic debut in this round! Of course he’s fighting against the legendary Professor Oak who also happens to be a new fighter! Pidgey was doomed in this round, but he’s still a tough pokemon. He just wasn’t ready for a battle this intense. Professor Oak will be back. Professor Oak wins.