Aqualad vs Lazerman

Suggested by Destroyer Aqualad is a good water fighter and he well suited for fighting beneath the waves. Unfortunately that won’t be enough for him to take on someone like Lazerman! Lazerman has the speed advantage here and he also has far superior attack and defense. Aqualad just won’t be able to make any headway against such a fearsome opponent. Lazerman wins.

Aqualad vs Beast Boy

Beast Boy has a pretty nifty ability which enables him to transform into any animal, but it just won’t be enough. Aqualad has a pretty good level of strength and his speed will be enough to dodge any lethal blows that Beast Boy may attempt. Beast Boy was never one of the strongest Teen Titans, but he still manages to win some battles…just not this one. Aqualad wins.

Killer Moth vs Aqualad

Killer Moth is tough, but in the end he’s not as strong as Aqualad. Aqualad has hand to hand experience and mild super strength…..very mild. Of course he still beats Killer Moth. Killer Moth was never an impressive villain and just doesn’t have enough skills to back him up in this battle. Aqualad wins.

Sensui vs Aqualad

Well Aqualad can’t begin to understand the power that Sensui has. It’s just too much for him. Aqualad just can’t take the pressure and power. Sensui is one of those villains who puts other villains to shame due to his galactic level power and speed. Aqualad is doomed. Sensui wins.