Geese Howard vs Spiderwoman

Suggested by iKnowledge Geese is back but this time he will have a very tough time trying to come out on top. Not only does Spiderwoman naturally have heightened strength and speed but these abilities were further enhanced when they was taken over by a Symbiote as well as when she was bestowed with a hammer during the Fear Itself expanded event. Geese can keep this fight interesting with his speed and technique but ultimately Spiderwoman’s stats are just too far above his for her to lose. Spiderwoman wins.

Spiderwoman vs Lizard

Suggested by Sonic The Lizard is a pretty fierce fighter. His hand to hand skills are augmented by his strength and savagery in combat. That being said, Spiderwoman will be able to keep up. While I think she would likely lose in their base forms, she was possessed by the symbiote at one point which greatly augmented her abilities and she has also had upgrades to her electricity to zap Lizard from a distance I don’t see a path to victory for Lizard here. His final form does make this pretty close though and he has had various augmentations as well. This will definitely come down to the wire. Spiderwoman wins.

Swordswoman vs Spiderwoman

Swordswoman is a new character who just debuted in the Marvel comics. It’s a little risky to have her fight this quickly in case she had some kind of secret identity, but I believe that she really is a new character. Plus, we have to take risks sometimes right? She seems to be an impressive fighter in close quarters combat, but Spiderwoman would eventually take the edge with her long range abilities. A good blast or two should take most of the fight out of Swordswoman and allow for a deciding blow to land. Spiderwoman wins.

Spiderwoman vs She Hulk

Spiderwoman is pretty athletic and a good hand to hand fighter, but she won’t be able to defeat She Hulk. She Hulk is far too powerful and can trade blows with guys like the Hulk. One good punch can end this fight. Spiderwoman may manage to dodge for a while, but eventually she will be caught. She Hulk wins.

Spiderwoman vs Domino

Domino has a lot of luck on her side…aka plot hax. Of course the strongest amount of plot hax can help you defeat nearly any character. Take Cheetah vs Superman! Still, Spiderwoman won’t be losing this round. One blast from her and Domino will lose before her plot hax can kick in. Spiderwoman wins.

Spiderman vs Spiderwoman

Took long enough for Spiderman to get a piece of the action. Except Spiderwoman has also taken this chance to shoot for the stars. Spiderman is the original spider. Spiderwoman is my least favorite spider hero. Well now there are 2 1-0 Spiderman characters. (Venom) Spiderman wins.