Spiderwoman vs Lizard

Suggested by Sonic The Lizard is a pretty fierce fighter. His hand to hand skills are augmented by his strength and savagery in combat. That being said, Spiderwoman will be able to keep up. While I think she would likely lose in their base forms, she was possessed by the symbiote at one point which greatly augmented her abilities and she has also had upgrades to her electricity to zap Lizard from a distance I don’t see a path to victory for Lizard here. His final form does make this pretty close though and he has had various augmentations as well. This will definitely come down to the wire. Spiderwoman wins.

Abomination vs Lizard

The Abomination is back and he’s up against the Lizard! They’re both pretty powerful opponents, but I’d definitely take the Abomination in a fight. Lizard is more athletic and will land more blows, but Abomination’s blows will definitely do a lot more damage. The Lizard takes a loss in this round. Abomination wins.

Lizard vs Thor

Lizard is back and this time he’s up against Thor! Lizard is tough and has given Spiderman a run for his money many times. Sadly for him, he still can’t take down Thor! Thor’s hand to hand skills are extremely advanced and he’s also much faster/stronger. Lizard doesn’t have a chance against him. Thor wins.

Killer Croc vs Lizard

Killer Croc is back, but this time it’s for another loss. The Lizard is just too strong and could beat Killer Croc with his superb skills. These guys are a pretty even match except that I’d say Lizard is better at hand to hand and in strength. Killer Croc just lacked the skills. Lizard wins.