Killer Croc vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Killer Croc has a mean bite and personally I don’t think anyone would really want to go up against him. That being said, he just won’t stand a chance against Cell. Cell could just blow up the whole solar system and that would end the fight in a heartbeat. There is no way for Croc to dodge or endure the attack so he may as well throw in the towel now. Good game KC, but the outcome was never in doubt. Cell wins.

Killer Croc vs Hulk

Killer Croc is back, but he’s up against an opponent who outranks him. The Hulk is just too powerful for Killer Croc and takes him down. Killer Croc has fought Batman and lived, but in the end Hulk is too much for him. The Hulk rises in the rankings just in time for records. Killer Croc drops. Hulk wins.

Killer Croc vs Lizard

Killer Croc is back, but this time it’s for another loss. The Lizard is just too strong and could beat Killer Croc with his superb skills. These guys are a pretty even match except that I’d say Lizard is better at hand to hand and in strength. Killer Croc just lacked the skills. Lizard wins.

Killer Croc vs Batman

Killer Croc has big teeth that he can use to try and crunch Batman. Of course he’s still not strong enough to take down Batman. Batman has fought stronger beings and is still around. No one can stop him. Batman’s been steadily increasing his record. Soon he’ll be with the other big shots. Killer Croc will always be remembered as one of Batman’s stronger foes, but in the end he still doesn’t have what it takes to win this round. Batman wins.

Ichigo vs Killer Croc

Killer Croc is back to fight but it’s against Ichigo substitute Soul Reaper. Ichigo’s got lots of super forms and power ups, but he won’t need any of them. At his current state Ichigo could beat Killer Croc without his sword. Killer Croc has no hope left for him. Ichigo is one of the strongest swordsmen in the world and he keeps growing stronger. Ichigo wins.

Gon vs Killer Croc

Gon is about to beat yet another villain on his way to World Conquest. Killer Croc is an okay Batman villain but if he can’t beat Batman what hope does he have against Gon. Gon is faster and stronger than Batman. So he’s also stronger and faster than Killer Croc. Killer Croc has no chance. Gon also has longer, spikier hair. Gon wins.