Lizard vs Thor

Lizard is back and this time he’s up against Thor! Lizard is tough and has given Spiderman a run for his money many times. Sadly for him, he still can’t take down Thor! Thor’s hand to hand skills are extremely advanced and he’s also much faster/stronger. Lizard doesn’t have a chance against him. Thor wins.

4 thoughts on “Lizard vs Thor

  1. Is there some way that Doctor Connors could use his knowledge of Neogenics to his advantage? Could he rework that laser of his to splice Thor’s genes with a slug, or something?

    • Well……if during the fight he has time, I don’t see why not. Of course Thor’s not really gonna give him enough time to do that. One Mjolnir throw should take nearly all of the fight out of Lizard

  2. True. Thor would not have to exert too much energy to defeat the lizard. That being said, I do think that Dr. Connors would be able to defeat other heroes using his intelligence!

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