Geese Howard vs Spiderwoman

Suggested by iKnowledge Geese is back but this time he will have a very tough time trying to come out on top. Not only does Spiderwoman naturally have heightened strength and speed but these abilities were further enhanced when they was taken over by a Symbiote as well as when she was bestowed with a hammer during the Fear Itself expanded event. Geese can keep this fight interesting with his speed and technique but ultimately Spiderwoman’s stats are just too far above his for her to lose. Spiderwoman wins.

Geese Howard vs Bayman

Suggested by iKnowledge Bayman is a skilled grappler. He is able to hold his own pretty well in most close quarter confrontations but I would say that he has definitely met his match with Geese. Geese is an exceptionally powerful hand to hand fighter. Additionally, he is even able to wield elemental powers such as thunder, fire, and Earth to back him up. It’s hard to see Bayman doing a whole lot against such a level of power. He won’t be able to deflect or absorb these blows. Geese Howard wins.