Count Nefaria vs Geese Howard

Suggested by Sonic Geese Howard is a strong fighter and he has a lot of good energy attacks. I do think that he could potentially make this fight a little closer than meets the eye but at the end of the day he is still outranked in pure physical strength as well as speed. Geese could potentially move better in short bursts but his skill can only defend him up to a point. After that there is just no way to claim the victory here. Count Nefaria wins.

Count Nefaria vs Thor

Count Nefaria is a pretty powerful opponent to the point where he was able to easily best the Avengers. He has also gotten the better of Thor on occasion. At their peaks though I would take Thor to defeat Nefaria. Thor has more stamina and is able to maintain his power level for greater periods of time than Nefaria. Ultimately Nefaria is able to boost his power level to around Thor’s level but he has less experience using these abilities. Thor wins.

Count Nefaria vs Harry Dresden

Suggested by iKnowledge Count Nefaria has been able to go against Thor and the Avengers in the past. His durability and super strength are completely off the charts. Harry has his magical abilities which are quite deadly but he doesn’t have enough speed to keep up here. Nefaria can just fly straight to Harry and land a massive blow before the spell castor can stop him. Nefaria hasn’t done much in the comics for a bit but the guy’s a top threat. Count Nefaria wins.