Rinoa Heartilly vs Scarlet Witch

This was actually a pretty tough match. On the surface, I intially thought that Scarlet Witch had the edge here. Her magic is extremely formidable as one can easily see from her various comic feats. When given enough time, Scarlet Witch’s magic is near infinite, but Rinoa won’t give her time to focus. Rinoa’s limit break greatly increases her abilities and this includes her speed. In a close range battle, Rinoa easily wins and while she may lose a long range battle, she wouldn’t get blown out due to her strong Meteor spell among other great options. I think that Rinoa’s versatility in combat is what really wins the day for her. Rinoa Heartilly wins.

4 thoughts on “Rinoa Heartilly vs Scarlet Witch

  1. Thanks so much for your work on this fight and the Soma Cruz/Dr. Strange fight! More battle Ideas: Scooby-Doo vs Jagger the German Shepherd (Angie Tribeca), al’Lan Mandragaron (TWOT) vs Stannis Baratheon, al’Lan Mandragoran vs Bullseye, and Ghost Rider vs the Plutonian.

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