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Rubik vs Yugi

Yugi has solved the Millenium Puzzle in the past which was an incredible feat. If anyone could solve the Rubik Cube, it would definitely be Yugi! The Rubik Cube is a very hardcore fighter and he’s not the type to go down without a fight, but nobody can stop Yugi’s genius when he really gets down to business. The Rubik Cube will have to take a solid loss this time. Yugi wins.

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Yusuke vs Yugi

Yusuke is back and he’s always ready to beat someone up. Yugi has a lot of cards at his disposal, but they still won’t be a match for Yusuke. Yusuke has some serious power at his disposal and he’s definitely a powerful opponent. I don’t think Yugi will be able to keep up with his immense speed. Yusuke wins.

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Gemini Saga vs Yugi

Yugi has a lot of monsters under his command, but I don’t think that they will be enough to take down Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga is too fast and his energy blasts will make short work out of at least hald of Yugi’s monster in a short amount of time. They just won’t be able to defeat him. Gemini Saga wins.

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Solomon Muto vs Yugi

Solomon Muto is back and this time he’s fighting his grandson. Yugi has learned a lot from Solomon Muto and has even surpassed him! Solomon Muto is definitely a good duelist and even gave Joey Wheeler a run for his money, but the fact remains that Yugi has a big advantage over Solomon Muto. His cards are far superior and if it came down to a fight he’d probably also win. Yugi wins.