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Ryu vs Yugi

Yugi has many cards at his disposal including the Egyptian God Cards. These monsters make him a truly formidable threat, but he will still have a large challenge against Ryu here. I think Yugi could handle normal Street Fighter Ryu with a fair amount of ease, but Ryu appeared in Asura’s Wrath which took his abilities to the next level. Ryu’s sheer power will be too much for Yugi right now because a single punch would take down most of Yugi’s monsters and one direct punch would definitely mean Game Over. Yugi would put up an admirable fight, but he would ultimately lose here. Ryu wins.

7 thoughts on “Ryu vs Yugi”

    1. For the sake of the battle, all of Yugi’s monsters and spells are real and he starts with all of them out at once to prevent getting speedblitzed and losing before he has a chance to fight. So, that definitely does improve his chances dramatically.

      1. Well in that case, I say Yugi could have advantage by using trap and magic cards. Let’s see how Ryu handles the multiple Kuribohs.

  1. or just summon slifer the sky dragon and spam energy blasts at Ryu. he could also use Magical Cylinder and reflect Ryu’s Shoryukens.

    1. True, Ryu’s going to have to keep on the run here if he wants to make it out in one piece. Could he make it to Yugi quick enough or would the flurry of monsters be too much. It seems as if Yugi is favored to win here.

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