Roger (American Dad) vs Roger Smith

It’s a battle between these two Rogers. Roger Smith pilots the incredibly powerful Big O and he is not a bad hand to hand fighter if necessary. Roger (American Dad) is a mean alien who wouldn’t hesitate to bully someone, but there’s nothing he can do against a robot. He can try to delay the inevitable by retreating to his home, but he will ultimately be hunted down. Roger Smith will bring him in dead or alive, so the other Roger just needs to decide which status is preferable. Roger Smith wins.

2 thoughts on “Roger (American Dad) vs Roger Smith

  1. I put “Roger Smith” into a search engine once upon a time, expecting things from this super-cool The Big O character, but like, the first page of results were from that disgusting alien of the very same name. I am glad this fight ended as it did.

    • That’s definitely not good. Roger Smith from Big O is certainly a lot cooler than the alien. Hopefully one day Big O will make a comeback and he’ll get a lot more popular on the search engines. This is just the start!

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