Jaden vs Superman

Jaden has returned and his next opponent is Superman. Superman is heralded as one of the strongest superheroes in all of comics. I would argue that he is in fact the strongest. He’ll put up a very good fight against Jaden, but he won’t be able to stand up to Jaden’s large array of magical monsters and trap cards. Supreme King Jaden can even make his card effects real so no amount of durability will save Superman forever. Jaden wins.

4 thoughts on “Jaden vs Superman

  1. Does Yu-Gi-Oh! cards count as “magic” though? In the original series Kaiba created the first duel disks with holograms if I’m remembering correctly. Even if we say these holograms can become solid, I doubt anything Jaden has can take down Superman unless it was a god card or something and Jaden doesn’t have those.

    • I wouldn’t say all of them do, but certainly all of the magic cards and Jaden loves using polymeralization and magic equipment cards to beef up his monsters so that’ll be tricky for Superman durability-wise. Also, the “high aboves” rule protects Jaden, which makes things very bad for Superman. Jaden’s Yubel card is about on the level of a God Card though. She had so many special abilities that it was insane!

      • I believe during battle if you attack Yubel, you take the damage instead of her and she is not destroyed. If you destroy her, then the opponent can summon a stronger Yubel and the cycle keeps going on until her final nightmare form. The wiki has a long list of weaknesses to this tactic including the Galaxy Eyes and Earthbound Immortals though so she definitely has a lot of limits though.

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