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Colossus vs Steelix

Suggested by Jman exe Steelix is a very powerful Pokemon, but Colossus obtained part of the Phoenix Force a while back. With that at his disposal he could win this in one hit. Fire is already Steelix’s weakness after all so throwing that on an opponent as powerful as Colossus makes for an extra difficult fight. I really can’t see any way that Steelix could hope to mount a comeback here so I’m afraid that he’s just going to have to hold the L this time. Perhaps if he gets a Mega form with some extra skills that could help him win this someday. Colossus wins.

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Steelix vs Alucard (Hellsing)

Suggested by Unknown Alucard was never all that impressive for me. He may have immortality and a good healing factor and super speed and super strength but he’s not super high tier the way that people say. Steelix has a good array of attacks at his disposal and can also take a lot of damage. I think he will be able to land enough attacks to deal some serious damage. He won’t be able to overcome the healing factor and Alucard’s blinding speed, but it could be a good fight. Alucard (Hellsing) wins.

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Steelix vs Captain Kirk

Steelix is a pretty tough Pokemon. I was always a little skeptical on the design since I think Onyx looks a little cooler, but Steelix has proven his mettle time and time again. Captain Kirk has proven that he can be a tough commander, but that’s not enough to really land a deciding blow here. Kirk just doesn’t have the proper equipment to win here. Steelix wins.

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Machamp vs Steelix

Steelix is a fierce Pokemon, but I have to admit that he doesn’t stand a fighting chance against Machamp. Machamp can definitely match up against Steelix physically and his long range abilities are more than a match for Steelix’s defense. I don’t see Steelix being able to pull out any kind of win in this battle. Machamp wins.