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Yugi vs Loki

Suggested by iKnowledge Loki is a tough trickster but I don’t think he is quite ready to match wits against Yugi. Yugi is a genius in all games and that translates pretty well to combat. He had a legion of cards at his disposal to hack away at Loki’s life points. The god of Mischief may still be an Asgardian but that will only delay the inevitable. He shall fall and will be forced to acknowledge Yugi as the champ. Yugi wins.

2 thoughts on “Yugi vs Loki”

  1. I wouldn’t underestime the Laufeysson, even if he is different from how he was really believed in. He was probably a million years old when the Jomon culture ( was in it’s infancy. He’s probably stronger than Yugi too, even if it’s nothing compared to his half-brother’s. He has fought people who I think could give Yugi trouble (E.G. The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, etc). What’s to stop him from turning the Duel Disk to stone?. And this is going based off of what I’ve seen of Yugi and Loki.

    1. Loki is definitely tough, but I just don’t think he could get through Yugi’s whole army. The Duel Disk is impervious to abilities like that as shown in the recent Yugioh movie where a reality warper tried to destroy it and it proved impervious to destruction. Yugi just summons the god cards and its lights out!

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