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Voldemort vs Melkor

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Voldemort has some pretty powerful spells at his disposal, but I have to question just how effective they will be against Melkor. Melkor is a sorcerer as well and his armor is quite durable. One hit from Melkor’s axe would surely defeat Voldemort although one spell should have a similar effect if it can get past Melkor’s armor. I have to question whether the spells can in fact do this and thus, I give Melkor the edge here. He can charge into the fray and quickly press his advantage. Melkor wins.

10 thoughts on “Voldemort vs Melkor”

      1. Fingolfin did fight Morgoth and while he lost, he injured said dark lord in seven places(eight if you count the heel he cut just as he was stepped on.) It happens in The Silmarillion.

    1. Well, this is a rather close fight so it is definitely subject to change, but keep in mind that LoTR characters are rarely as strong as they appear at first glance.

      1. Melkor is literally Middle-Earth’s Satan. At full power, he was casually obliterating landscapes.

        ” Thus began the first battle of the Valar with Melkor for the dominion of Arda; and of those tumults the Elves know but little. For what has here been declared is come from the Valar themselves, with whom the Eldalië spoke in the land of Valinor, and by whom they were instructed; but little would the Valar ever tell of the wars before the coming of the Elves. Yet it is told among the Eldar that the Valar endeavoured ever, in despite of Melkor, to rule the Earth and to prepare it for the coming of the Firstborn; and they built lands and Melkor destroyed them; valleys they delved and Melkor raised them up; mountains they carved and Melkor threw them down; seas they hollowed and Melkor spilled them; and naught might have peace or come to lasting growth, for as surely as the Valar began a labour so would Melkor undo it or corrupt it. “

      2. It’s a lot of hype for Melkor, but we haven’t really gotten to see a lot of his power and his durability is suspect. Could he really survive the death spells that Voldy would be throwing his way? Granted, Voldemort’s defensive abilities are also fairly bad, but Melkor just doesn’t have many great visual feats because he’s almost exclusively a book character which hasn’t been adapted yet.

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