Melkor vs Saitama

Suggested by iKnowledge Melkor is definitely a very powerful fighter but I don’t think he is quite ready to fight someone as strong as Saitama. Saitama could circle the planet in the time it would take for Melkor to even realize that he is there. A single punch would completely shatter Melkor. This guy may be huge, but Saitama has taken down giants in the past. As always, one punch should be enough to end this. Saitama wins.

4 thoughts on “Melkor vs Saitama

  1. Melkor, I think still has a chance. Even if Saitama has fought beings on his level, Lord Boros probably never saw to the formation of the stars or the universe, which Melkor did. And since his evil is now spread over the universe, I don’t think Saitama has a chance against that.

    • The thing is, creation abilities have never seemed quite as impressive as destructive ones. Even if Melkor can create a universe or something like that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is a very powerful opponent. I think it’s still possible that Saitama could one punch him into next week

      • That may be, but Melkor/Morgoth could get back up as quickly as possible. Look at the comments on Melkor and what he can do. I will say this, it will be a good fight.

      • That’s true, I’ve read a lot about Melkor and I know he gets a good amount of hype. He definitely isn’t the type to go down quietly

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