Melkor vs Link

Melkor is a powerful being to be sure, but he doesn’t have the guts and determination that Link possesses. Link has saved the world many times over the years and he’s typically had to do it on his own. As such, Link has gained a lot of battle experience against a variety of foes and his light arrows will certainly be fatal against Melkor. I don’t see how Melkor can hope to keep Link down for the count with his lack of good speed feats. He will have a tough time trying to land a hit! Link wins.

28 thoughts on “Melkor vs Link

      • The image still is of Sauron I believe.

        Doesn’t make much of a difference, as they both seem primarily up-close fighters, and both were hurt by humans and/or elves.

      • Well this is Melkor at his most powerful since all fighters here are at their most powerful. He at his most powerful could literally scale continents in seconds to minutes (making him faster than Link) and starbust with attacks. He doesn’t even have to hit Link directly and Link still gets annihilated due to planetary explosion

        Morgoth on the other hand would struggle.

      • Soz for double post since your site does not have editing features. Melkor has fought for centuries to milleniums, giving him more battle experience than Link since Melkor actually fought GODS who could easily continent bust and sink continents with attacks and control oceans, forests, the land and the skies. That was the calibre of the gods Melkor fought. Link gets destroyed so hard. I doubt Link has crossed a continent in a single leap like the god Tulkas did and Melkor is the same species as Tulkas

    • Melkor is a casual continent-buster and does not require a physical body, and is fully capable of interacting with the world without one. In other words, Link as no chance.

  1. Random,

    Well, how was Melkor/Morgoth defeated then?

    If Link has access to all those fancy magical objects in the Zelda world, then I’m sure there is something that can defeat him.

    • He was defeated by the combined might of the Valar (aka gods who helped to create the universe of LOTR) and even then his essence could not be destroyed by the Valar so they cast him into a void that transcended beyond time and space.Link’s magical objects won’t help him if Melkor obliterates the planet.

      • I’d like to see him try to blow up the planet! Link’s Light Arrow would have already pierced him and it would be game over for the being.

      • He will blow it up with a thought since pre-song Melkor aka. strongest version was beyond time and space and aided in creating the world. Boom earth with a thought ‘Blow up’ and GG Link. Even Master Chief could annihilate Link given his tech and heroics.

      • Nothing is completely beyond space and time though. Also, keep in mind that Link has the Racoon Tail from Smash Bros so he can glide through space for a little while even if the Earth is blown up. A good light arrow would still finish the job. As for Master Chief’s heroics vs Link’s….I think you need to play Majora’s Mask again!

      • Melkor is beyond time and space. Why do you think time control does not affect him? He owns Link.

      • Being beyond time and space sounds good, but you’re still susceptible to attacks. He can’t just hide in another dimension for the whole fight. Link should be fine thanks to his Deity Form.

      • Link’s too heroic for that. Transmutation is similar to vaporizing someone from existence with a thought, I believe that it can be stopped with force of will.

      • LOL! Tell that to the entire continent of the powerful, strong-willed Numenoreans who basically suffered that from Eru himself. Link’s not surviving aything.

      • Eh, I’m calling plot hax on that. Sometimes, you just have to disagree with the actual story since things happen that don’t make a lot of sense. It’s what I do whenever I read a Spiderman comic by Dan Slott!

      • Having a strong will can’t help you unless you can transmutate your own body yourself. Link loses and becomes a teapot. GG Link

      • Nah, strong will surpasses all of that. Ever wonder why Link is regarded as such a legendary hero with limitless strength, determination, and resolve?

      • Its all hyperbole and false praise. Melkor surpasses any enemy Link has faced and is beyond Link’s ability to defeat. Your the only person who thinks Link can beat Melkor. He can tear Link apart with his mind.

      • I probably am one of the only people who thinks Link wins this round. Still, if you think Melkor will be tearing apart the mind of someone who holds a third of the triforce, you need to replay the Ocarina of Time game!

      • I meant tear his body apart with his mind. So what if Link has the Triforce? Primordial ancient evil, the root of all evil>>>>>>>Triforce. You say Link is a hero? Oh please. Morgoth has the title of Satan, The Great Enemy. While Link fights weak sorcerers and stupid giant monsters, Morgoth clashes with gods that are capable of shattering planets if they didn’t hold back since they did not want to destroy the planet. The gods could not even destroy Morgoth’s essence and they had to cast him in a dimension BEYOND time and space.

      • No evil>>>>Triforce. It’s simply not done. The Triforce is virtually unstoppable. Heroes always pwn Satan so that’s why it’s Link’s destiny to win this round. I always found it a little hard to buy the Beyond Space and Time argument since nothing should really be past that. Still, it’s impressive that they couldn’t destroy Morgoth, but they didn’t have the Light Arrows. That should give Link the edge am I right?

      • Divine gods/Valar of justice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Light arrows. The Valar are the embodiment of good and creation and are loyal to Eru the Creator. Thats more good than some stupid light arrows and the triforce. Morgoth destroys Link. The end.

      • We’re gonna need some proof of that. The Light Arrows have been proven to disintegrate enemies. I’ve never seen the Valar match such a downright impressive feat. Melkor and Morgoth would simply be outmatched against good ole fashioned Link.

      • Wrath of the Valar- One attack sank a continent >>>>>>>>Stupid light arrows. Melkor destroys Link the same way.

      • I prefer to think of them as noble Light Arrows. Melkor sounds like a tough guy, but I think you’re underestimating Link’s speed and confidence.

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