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Dark Vader vs Ichigo

This is a tribute to Star Wars Episode III. Dark Vader didn’t look any better than in the second film, so it’s time for another loss. Ichigo has the superior speed in this round and his power is more than enough for him to win this round. He won’t be losing this round and Dark Vader drops down the blog ranks once again. Ichigo wins.

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Kamina vs Ichigo

Ichigo Kurosaki2
Time for Kamina to fight again on the blog. Will he be able to take a win or do we doubt his power? Just who do you think he is!? Kamina doesn’t run and he doesn’t retreat, but he also lacks honor. Ichigo is a true swordsman and Kamina wont be able to match his awesome power. Ichigo wins.

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The Grinch vs Ichigo

The Grinch is a pretty tricky adversary, but he won’t be able to match up against Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo is a being of immense power and he could likely circle the entire planet in a matter of seconds. The Grinch won’t be able to harm him and he’ll just end up taking a tough loss to the warrior. Ichigo wins.

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Ultra Humanite vs Ichigo

Ichigo Kurosaki2
Ultra Humanite didn’t realize the true values of Christmas at first, but eventually he began to realize that it’s a great day to have fun. Unfortunately for him, the Ultra Humanite is still no match for Ichigo. The Ultra Humanite doesn’t have enough speed to defeat Ichigo and he also lacks the raw power needed to win. Ichigo wins.

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Yamato Agari vs Ichigo

Ultimo is a pretty solid character, but I cant say the same about the human. He is hardly a noble warrior and I never really cared for him. This is a perfect battle for Ichigo since his speed will help to nullify the size difference. The power to control time is potent, but not unbeatable. Ichigo wins

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Haruyuki vs Ichigo

Haruyuki is not a very noble fighter and it can be very difficult to root for him. He’s definitely not as cool as Ichigo and he also lacks the abilities that the soul reaper possesses. Ichigo is one of the fastest Jump characters out there and Haruyuki wont be able to keep up. Ichigo wins.

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Norman Bates vs Ichigo

Ichigo Kurosaki2
Norman Bates is back and he’s back for another loss. He may be impressive to average humans, but not when he’s up against a guy who can destroy whole planets with a single slice. (In theory) Norman Bates wouldn’t last a second against an opponent like Ichigo and this won’t be the final loss for him. Ichigo wins.

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Ichigo vs Graboid

Ichigo has his Bankai at the ready and his speed is immense. There aren’t many people who can really hope to challenge him. Ichigo is one of Shonen Jump’s stronger fighters and he has done very well on the blog so far. The Graboid wont be able to land a single hit on him. The Graboid is seriously lacking speed and that is a big weakness. Ichigo wins.

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Ichigo vs James Bond

Ichigo Kurosaki2
Ichigo is a shinigami and one good shot will be enough to stop casual planet busters. His speed is on a different level and his defense is also impressive. Ichigo is definitely one of the better main characters so it is a good thing that he is really tough. James Bond just won’t be able to land any damage on such a powerful opponent. Ichigo wins.

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Ichigo vs Kashitarou

Ichigo Kurosaki2
Kashitarou is a pretty awful character who thinks that he’s a pretty good swordsman. He talks a good game, but he could never hope to defeat Ichigo. Ichigo is much faster and one good shot from his Bankai and Kashitarou will be down for the count. Kashitarou is far too slow and he should have taken more time to train. This won’t be Kashitarou’s last loss. Ichigo wins.