Hood (High End) vs Thor

Suggested by Jean Hood is one of the stronger Nomu to show up in MHA. He was able to overpower Endeavor and essentially won that fight while also taking down Hawks. His ability to regenerate and continue to soar faster and faster makes him absolutely lethal. It will be difficult for Thor to land any blows just due to how fast this guy is. Meanwhile Hood will be racking up damage until he eventually claims victory. Hood (High End) wins.

Rokuro vs Hood (High End)

Hood is one of those monsters that continues to get stronger and stronger with each passing moment. He’s certainly still one of the most powerful My Hero characters out there. That said, Rokuro specializes in destroying demon type opponents. He’s stronger than Hood and can deal enough damage to thoroughly destroy the monster. Hood won’t be doing a whole lot to this guy. Rokuro wins.

Hood (High End) vs Fishbone D

Suggested by Destroyer Hood (High End) is one of the strongest Nomu to appear in My Hero. Fishbone D is a starting hollow in Bleach and is reasonably strong but he wouldn’t be able to keep up with this level of speed. Hood’s regeneration would also throw him for a spin so the odds are not in his favor. Hood (High End) wins.