Rokuro vs Hood (High End)

Hood is one of those monsters that continues to get stronger and stronger with each passing moment. He’s certainly still one of the most powerful My Hero characters out there. That said, Rokuro specializes in destroying demon type opponents. He’s stronger than Hood and can deal enough damage to thoroughly destroy the monster. Hood won’t be doing a whole lot to this guy. Rokuro wins.

Rokuro vs Bass

It’s time for Rokuro to finally meet his match. He’s a tough kid and one who has a bright future ahead of him with regards to all of the potential power ups he may obtain. That’s why it’s good he gets to see what true power is like as he goes up against Bass. None of Rokuro’s attacks will deal any damage and he won’t be able to avoid enough of Bass’ attacks to buy much time. Bass wins.

Heracles vs Rokuro

Heracles is definitely a powerful monster and you could make the case that he should be known as the true King of the Monsters. He has the size and he certainly has the raw power at his disposal. That being said, Rokuro is used to fighting giant creatures so he’ll be in his element. He will be able to run rings around Heracles and the powerful blows he dishes out will take their toll. Rokuro wins.

Terumi Kuchinawa vs Rokuro

Terumi Kuchinawa is a good duelist who was unfortunately written out of Buddyfight before she could really get going. Her deck isn’t half bad though and it’s not like it matters too much in this particular fight as even the strongest of monsters would be unable to stop Rokuro. At his best, Rokuro is a top tier fighter who is quite versatile, but prefers close quarters combat. The sheer speed and intensity behind his blows would be too much to overcome. Rokuro wins.

Duel Sieger vs Rokuro

Rokuro has already beaten Genma so this match plays out in roughly the same way. The only difference is that Duel Sieger doesn’t have any backup to help him this time around. So effectively it’s the same as when Rokuro beat him the last time but even quicker. You’ll almost feel bad for Duel Sieger this time around since he looks like such a tough customer. Ah well, he’ll be good practice for Rokuro.

Rokuro vs Genma

Genma has the powerful Duel Sieger at his disposal so he’s definitely a threat to be contended with. He has faced off against many powerful threats and come out on top, but never has he faced a foe as powerful as Rokuro. Rokuro is one of the Twin Star Exorcists and his speed/power are on a whole other dimension compared to most fighters. I think it’s safe to say that he could down Duel Sieger in a few short blows and his speed would also allow him to dodge any counters. This match is as good as over. Rokuro wins.

Rokuro vs Michael Myers

maxresdefault (3)

This is a tribute to the first Halloween film. Myers only got so far because of plot convenience and random super strength. He wouldn’t last long against a real fighter like Rokuro. Rokuro’s attack and speed are so high that he is one of the strongest unknown fighters out there. He can give just about anyone a good fight and could certainly end Michael Myers in a single hit. No time to get scared this way. Rokuro wins.