Duel Sieger vs Serpentor

Suggested by Sonic Serpentor is a GI Joe villain but not one you are likely very familiar with. The guy never got a big role the way a lot of the others did like Cobra Commander or someone like that. Duel Sieger meanwhile has enough power to destroy almost any Buddyfight monster that he goes up against. The difference in technique is just crazy. Serpentor just won’t be able to keep up. After a while tactics can only go so far and power will just trump it in the end. Serpentor’s gun will have no effect. Duel Sieger wins.

Duel Sieger vs Rokuro

Rokuro has already beaten Genma so this match plays out in roughly the same way. The only difference is that Duel Sieger doesn’t have any backup to help him this time around. So effectively it’s the same as when Rokuro beat him the last time but even quicker. You’ll almost feel bad for Duel Sieger this time around since he looks like such a tough customer. Ah well, he’ll be good practice for Rokuro.

Duel Sieger vs Zanya Kisaragi

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Suggested by Sonic Duel Sieger is a very powerful monster. He is one of the toughest of them all and has multiple super forms as well. Couple this with the fact that Zanya isn’t one of the strongest fighters anymore and we have quite the match. It’s a fairly difficult one that could go either on way. The question is, Can Zanya’s array of weaker ninja monsters handle this Behemoth? I’m going to have to lean on No for that one. None of his cards have ever looked all that impressive and he doesn’t even have a great final phase card. I think he needs a power up. Duel Sieger wins.