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Serpentor vs Bass

Serpentor has returned, but he doesn’t have much of a chance against Bass. Bass is just about invincible and his speed is beyond belief. I don’t think Serpentor will have much luck against a foe like him. None of his sword strikes will deal any damage and Serpentor will only live as long as Bass allows it. This is a losing battle right from the start. Bass wins.

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Larry Appleton vs Serpentor


Serpentor is a tricky GI Joe villain who actually managed to overthrow Cobra Commander. He shouldn’t be underestimated and while he has no super powers, he could certainly defeat Larry in a hand to hand battle. Larry doesn’t have the experience that Serpentor possesses and doesn’t seem all that athletic either. Serpentor will simply prove to be too much for good ole Larry. It’s been a tough road for Appleton, but he is nearing the end of his journey. Serpentor wins.