Clover vs Demolition Man

Now this was a close match if I ever saw one. Demolition Man has super strength, but not as much as most other heroes. In the end he didn’t have quite enough power to win this fight, so Clover ends his long string of matches with a win. It’s pretty happy for him. Clover wins.

Clover vs Vulture

Well Clover did just get a win, so at least this probably won’t be too bad for him. I mean Vulture did get symbiote form which does heavy duty damage. All he has to do is ram into Clover sending him spiraling to the ground and then finish him off. Vulture wins.

Clover vs Mad Hatter

Well Clover is back and after back to back losses he’s definitely aiming to win this match. Luckily he does, because losing wasn’t an option for him anymore. Mad Hatter is just not strong enough to take down Clover once and for all. Clover wins this match. Clover wins.

Clover vs King Kong

Well this time Clover will not be denied victory. King Kong may be pretty strong in brute strength, Clover is faster in the manga. Clover just dodges King Kong’s blows and slashes him to the ground. I’m afraid King Kong won’t make it through this match. Clover wins.

Johnny Ohm vs Clover

Well I’m afraid Clover gets another loss. It’s not that he can’t handle the power, but Johnny Ohm has lightning that he can keep firing for a while. Clover just wouldn’t be able to hold out for too long, before it paralyzed him. Johnny Ohm finally gets himself a win. Johnny Ohm wins.

Poison Ivy vs Clover

Well Clover is back to squash the opposition, but he never thought he’d be fighting someone with powers as potent as Poison Ivy’s. Poison Ivy is a Batman villain yet she has powers that can be real effective, but in modern media don’t look so great. Clover goes down. Poison Ivy wins.

Firelord vs Clover

Clover may be a big monster who can take down many foes, but he just can’t defeat The Firelord. Firelord is a marvel character with cosmic abilities. At least Clover got lots of wins before because now is the time for him to feel a bit doomed. Firelord is just too powerful. Firelord wins.

Clover vs Longshot

Longshot has guns that he can use to blast Clover. Of course I don’t think it will do much good. Clover is just too powerful. Longshot is just too weak to win this match. He can’t take on the power that Clover has. Clover has been getting a lot of wins lately. Clover wins.

Clover vs Kazar

Clover is stronger in every way than Kazar. Kazar is just not tough enough to take on Clover. Clover is just too fast and strong to lose to Kazar. Clover could just bite Kazar, and Kazar would be down for the count. Clover is a force to be reckoned with and won’t lose to him. Clover wins.