Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Cheetah

Suggested by iKnowledge Obi Wan Kenobi is a pretty skilled Jedi and known as one of the strongest masters. That said, he’s still out of his league against the Cheetah. She can match him blow for blow and then some. The fact of the matter is that Cheetah is stronger and faster than Obi-Wan. She could take him down before he has time to swing his Lightsaber. The Force will not be enough to turn the tides of this fight as Cheetah has far too much agility to be hit. Cheetah wins.

Poison Ivy vs Cheetah

Cheetah has some good hand to hand skills. She was able to even defeat Superman in the past! Of course it won’t be enough in this match. Poison Ivy’s mastery over plants gives her a huge edge over Cheetah. Cheetah just won’t be able to overcome this edge. Poison Ivy is too powerful. Poison Ivy wins.

Wonder Woman vs Cheetah

Wonder Woman and Cheetah were bitter rivals back in their day. They still are, but it was back then when they’d have their most intense fights. Cheetah isn’t downright weak…….but she’s still no match for Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is much stronger and faster than Cheetah. Wonder Woman gets a win and ups her record. Cheetah takes a loss, and it could be a while before she’s back. Wonder Woman wins.