Little Beeper vs Jigglypuff

Suggested by Destroyer The Little Beeper is a nice little guy, but his abilities were never too impressive. This will end up being another fight that he loses since Jigglypuff is just a lot more impressive. He has a large amount of techniques to use in combat and while Jigglypuff may not be as fast as the Beeper, his attacks will connect eventually and singing will expedite the process. Jigglypuff wins.


Little Beeper vs Rainbow Dash

Suggested by Destroyer The Little Beeper is essentially just like the Road Runner. He just isn’t as fast and doesn’t have any ninja skills that I know of. Rainbow Dash will have the edge here because she is faster than the Little Beeper and the tried and true Sonic Rainboom should bring on a lot of damage. The Beeper will not be able to stop this attack. Rainbow Dash wins.

Time Eater vs Little Beeper

Little Beeper has some pretty intense speed, but in the end it won’t be enough to get past Time Eater’s defenses. The Time Eater is a pretty formidable opponent and his attack power is also to be feared. The Little Beeper may have lost this round, but he put up a good fight. Time Eater wins.

Little Beeper vs Godzilla

The Little Beeper is a really fast guy, but it won’t be enough to stop Godzilla. He can’t run forever and eventually Godzilla will land a good shot in. Godzilla is incredibly powerful and he doesn’t give up. He’ll keep on swinging until he has won the match. Little Beeper may be back someday. Godzilla wins.

Little Beeper vs Mothra

Little Beeper is pretty fast and one of those guys you don’t want to challenge to a race. Still, Mothra has her super powers and can fly pretty fast. She can also beam spam which will lead her to victory! Little Beeper tried, but in the end he just wasn’t able to beta such an opponent. Mothra wins.

Little Beeper vs Legion

Little Beeper has the massive speed advantage, but once in a while it’s just not enough. Legion has his barriers and massive beam spams. He’s also got his whips for hand to hand skills. Little Beeper is good, but he doesn’t really have much ways of actually hurting Legion. Legion wins.

Little Beeper vs Robin Hood

Robin Hood is back yet again. This time he’ll be fighting another Speedster. Of course Little Beeper could beat Robin Hood in a couple of seconds. Robin Hood never stood a chance, but may stop fighting in a couple of weeks. Little Beeper wins.

Little Beeper vs Plucky Duck

Little Beeper is a super fast toon that has beaten others before. Plucky Duck may be a hero, but that won’t be able to save him in this match. The speed will just be too much for him. Little Beepr get himself another win. Little Beeper wins.