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Middy vs Popo

Suggested by Anonymous Neither one of these guys is exactly known for being a world class fighter. Still, they fight as best they can. Middy hasn’t really shown that he can fight very well so I would definitely give Popo the edge here. The guy does have a hammer and some decent fighting experience. At the very least together with Nana he can climb mountains which isn’t an easy thing to do. He’s got enough upper body strength to really slam into Middy with his hits. Middy wouldn’t need much of a power up to win this fight, but I wonder if he’ll ever appear again. Popo wins.

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Dragonite vs Popo

Dragonite is back and now he is fighting one of the Ice Climbers. I’m not here to doubt Popo’s ability of course, but I just don’t see him being able to go up against Dragonite with any real hope of winning. Dragonite is simply too powerful of an opponent here. He’s faster and stronger than Popo. Popo will have a hard time even trying to land any hits. These two fighters are just on completely different levels. Dragonite wins.

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Nana vs Popo

Suggested by Sonic Popo and Nana are both pretty hype adventurers. They have climbed the tallest mountains out there and just as impressively they even made it into the Super Smash Bros ranks. It is safe to say that these two fighters are pretty evenly matched as well. Still, only one can win and I fear that Popo has the edge here. He has always been the lead attacker in combat and while Nana improves her abilities with each passing day I don’t think she will quite be able to top Popo. Not yet anyway. Popo wins.