Franklin Richards vs Frieza

Suggested by iKnowledge Franklin is a super genius who has possibly even surpassed Reed Richards. No level of intelligence is enough to defeat a destroyer of galaxies like Frieza though. Frieza is in a completely different league than Franklin and when he transforms into Golden mode there won’t be any way for Franklin to deal damage here. He won’t be able to catch the villain. A quick Death Ball should end this fight. Frieza wins.

2 thoughts on “Franklin Richards vs Frieza

  1. Agreed, Franklin Richards made Galactus his own herald, killed celestials, and can witness and survive the end of the Universe itself, and recreate the Multiverse with it, good feats, sure, but he can never dream to defeat the literal GOD of Destruction. Frieza can destroy an entire universe with one single punch and even far surpasses most of the cosmic roster in Marvel and DC combined.

    • Yeah, Frieza can easily end the universe in an instant. There’s no way Franklin could tank such a hit or hope to avoid it. Frieza’s got way more combat experience and feats on his side

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